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    Lazy howl's lazy Abyss's children


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    Re: Lazy howl's lazy Abyss's children

    Post by wolfHhowling on Sat Nov 26, 2016 12:18 am

    Mari came out of her locket " that damn assed puppet better show his insert the proper F bomb here. little idiotic dim witted self.. " she glared " the last couple centuries hasn't cooled my temper, jerk, didn't he think of I don't know, CHECKING MY LOCKET FOR A PULSE!"

    Arabella shouted from upstares " KEEP IT DOWN DOWN THERE, Well if the pastel clown wants to cuddle, he can, its kinda chilly up here."

    Blaze sure enough was called and sighed deeply as he walked over to the man " we went over this every insert the proper F bomb here. heart attack, NO, I refuse to take you old man, till your grandaughter is at least 16 and can fend for her self, she's five, stop insisting on dying."

    Red rolled out of bed, shook his head at what was made, and decided it was safer to crawl back in bed, normally when women made you any meal they wanted something, and he wasn't falling for that crap.

    13 turned his head and smiled at her, as if he had heard her, waved and then waited in such a pose for her to join him, he laughed a little she was never going to beable to sneak up on him.

    He snorted " My name is Ace you know." he said snorting, from ware he was, and made not attempt to come and find her, let her roam around aimlessly till she found him, as it was, he was eblow deep in gear and grease.
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    Re: Lazy howl's lazy Abyss's children

    Post by Dark Silence on Sat Nov 26, 2016 12:30 am

    Jason rolled his eyes. "Well, if you want to preform this, then you two can interact as if his spirit was physical. Ir I can do it so you don't strangle his ghost to death."

    Jack looked at her and just hugged Arabella close. "I am a good and cuddly clown. Feed me sweets and nice things, and I will remain a very good clown." He promised her.

    Ravina was hardly aware what she was doing. She walked up to the man and placed a hand on his chest. She felt power flow from her and into the man, and repair the damage his heart had, and extended his life past when his granddaughter would be sixteen even.

    Noc laughed. "I'm still amazed at how keen your hearing is." She admired as she sat beside him.

    Mirage found Ace after a short while. Her bright eyes were green as she watched him work. "What do those gears do?" She asked curiously.

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