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 NFT Play Topic

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Dark Silence


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PostSubject: NFT Play Topic   Sun Aug 14, 2016 12:34 am

Between the magic known as Fairy lies, and Fairy truth, is the Fairy dream lands, barren for the most part, things that aren't how they seem, have no purpose, or do not truely belong in the glittery good or the glittery bad Though they do belong to fairy truth for they can not abide by the ways of Fairy lies.

The world is a fairy tale scape, and this is ware we meat our two heros... or main main heros who might save the day, or bring ruin. You never know with this lot.

Let imagination be your guide....

Down by the glade, and the sea shore.
Down by the forest and down by the wild bore.
Truth dances with lies by day
Dreaming of fantasies to stay.
Fairy Lies darkens the truth, and brightens the doom
Fairy truth makes lies dull and brightens the gloom.
in the worlds between past the rainbow falls.
Ware the magic birds practice their calls.
Like a fairy dream, the song takes you there.
Tread lightly on hearts if you dare.
Shadows can be poison, and then they can be friends.
but just remember death does pretends.
Come now won't you play with us?
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Dark Silence


Posts : 11508
Join date : 2016-08-13
Age : 22
Location : Shattered across time and space

PostSubject: Re: NFT Play Topic   Sun Aug 14, 2016 12:36 am

Howl's Last Post:

Hollow beamed " oh I all most forgot, puppies treat." he said with out a second thought and in his hands, in his grasp formed the dakrness pure and in its most dark form. Shaping it in to what beat, a heart, holding it up now, " here you go, only the blackest of hearts will suite such a lovely puppy."

Lit turned his head, jaw slightly lax, his suspicions confirmed about the man who called himself hallow, " a creator." he said.

Howl smiled " hmm that sounds nice." he sneezed sniffling " your so mean you know that."

My Last Post:

Ammat licked her lips and ate the black heart. It tasted different than what she was used to, but still really good. She licked her lips and nudged Hallow in thanks. What exactly did Lit mean by a "creator?" She hadn't heard of that term before to describe someone in that way.

Helena pouted playfully. "I'm sorry that the rain is the only time I come close to actually seeing what you can." She tugged at Howl. "Come on, there's a tree over there you can skulk miserably in out of the rain."
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NFT Play Topic
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