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 Rules of this Forum

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PostSubject: Rules of this Forum   Tue Sep 01, 2015 12:24 am

These rules are to insure the peace, the calm, and so that we don't get taken down.

1 fallow forumotion rules at all times.

2. Please do not participate in topics with listed as topics to be avoided. You are to ignore and report all members to wolfHhowling who go against this rule. They will have three strikes before they are banned.

3 Please do not argue, though debates, as long as they are a civil discussion can happen, as long as they are not about the avoided topics, and are done in the designated area.

4 When ranting in the rant section, do not talk about members, or other real humans. If you wish to rant about some one. Please use code names, we should never find out, or even be able to guess who this is about. If I suspect that the person you are ranting about, goes by that name in any way shape or form, even as a user name on another site, your whole rant will be removed, you will then be monitored.

5.  Do not post anything in chat, that goes against any of the rules. Please do not post anything more then links, as chat will have to be cleared other wise.

6. I will not limit Rp topics if those topics do arise. However, if I feel you are using these topics to talk about the topics to be avoided, I will removed the Rp all together, or refer you to a site, ware you can continue the rp.

7. If ANY comment are posted, that do not check out, or seem to because you failed to read, or assess the meaning of what is posted. They will be removed.

8. If you encourage bad behavior in Rants, or other topics, you will be given a stern talking too and possibly banded depending on the text.

9. Refrain from accusing anyone with out solid proof, that they are doing, lacking, or are something.

10. Fallow all additional rules posted in topics, or sections.

Topics to avoid at all costs. Reasons listed, and why I feel the right to keep them off this site.

1 Religion. This is a site that firmly believes in tolerance.  While I will not prohibit you from expressing yourself, stating what religion or lack of you are, I will condone the discussion of it. I will not prohibit use of symbols relating to your religion.  Nor references if done in good taste, in your sigs. I will however prohibit, and thing that would be considered EVIL, or Devil worshiping.  ( This means, all Pagans, all Christians, Atheists, noodle monster, Voodoo priests, Hindu, Buda, undecided, and other religions that value human life and good. Have to get along)

2 Politics:  I don't care what country you are from. Your Government sucks. If you want to have who's government sucks worse debate, I might allow it, if its in the spirit of hetalia, or comedy.

3 LGBT community:  This is a tolerant site, as stated in topic to avoid 1. I just don't feel that any part of this topic can be discussed in a civil manor.  You your self know, this is still a horribly heated topic. Its just as bad as Politics, and religion. I will not prohibit the use of rainbows, but on this site views them only as a symbol of hope. Also this site and rainbow text, should more then likely be avoided, but colored texted is fine, provided it isn't harsh on the background. EX: white on black, Red on black, Yellow on black.

4. Animal abuse: * this includes your dietary preference, global warming, environment issues* just keep the topic off the site. Do not make this site having any form of animal abuse discussions, that lead into a herbivore vs Carnivore debate. We all know the whales and animals need saved are on endangered species lists, save the rain forest, and global warming is at least a topic. Just keep it all off the site. None of it generates Civil discussion. The site doesn't condone this.

5. Pokemon. : no this honestly doesn't generate much non civil debates it generates an all consuming tidal wave of Fandom. It consumes all. This only is for chat, and other forums not designated for fandoms.

6: Social media/ News broadcasts : I don't want to hear about celebs, who shot who, some racist fair tail * racism is the bias option to a mythic concept called Race.* gun control * both sides are just full of arguments for good reasons or stupid ones what ever you deem them as*, Vaccine anythings " Seriously, the Anti Vaccine movement if anything gets any bio lit person's blood to boil its that topic*,  another words if a topic is being discussed that suddenly gets locked, and plastered with   Topics to avoid number 6 as the title you know it crossed the line.
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Rules of this Forum
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